Puri’s Remix Title Causes Debate


Remix is an upcoming movie by Puri Jagannadh in Tollywood film industry. The moment a star director announces the title of his new movie, it triggers a lot of debate and discussion among the cine buffs. This time, the turn belongs to speed director Puri Jagannadh. Sources say he has named his next movie as ‘Remix’.

This has begun to create quite a bit of debate and analysis on what type of movie Puri is going to make. From the start, Puri is known for his way of coming up with radical storylines and typical characterization of the lead characters.



Given his style of working, his title also is equally power creating. The biggest curiosity for all is, what is Puri going to show in ‘Remix’ and what type of genre this would be. For now, Puri’s focus is to ensure this becomes a success as his last ‘Loafer’ didn’t work.

Even though Loafer movie had the hit talk in Tollywood, there are no expected collections at the box-office. It is because Puri and the movie team expressed the movie story before release is some what different but there no high light scenes in the movie. Only Varun Tej acting and songs are good in the Loafer movie.

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Puri's New Title Remix
Remix title is creating some excitement in the Tollywood because viewers didn't get the details about the story.