Puri Needs To Be Careful?

Puri Needs To Be Careful

Puri Needs To Be Careful

Puri Needs To Be Careful for Rogue. Among the top league directors of Tollywood, there is a special place for speed director Puri Jagannadh and the reason being, he can come up with three movies in an year with big stars.

However, the same speed is now being deemed as the setback for Puri. Apparently, Puri’s recent movie ‘Loafer’ was done in record time but the film failed to evoke a positive response at the box office.

The common opinion is that Puri is not focusing much on giving depth to the script and he is following a routine formula template which is not good. Let us wish he changes his approach for his next project ‘Rogue’.

Usually Puri Jagannadh always focus on the dialogues and hero characterization rather than the script. His script contains only a single story line which revolves on the same point. The heroine character will be a key role but there won’t be much importance for the characterization.

Everything he is framing in the movie is his confidence that he can build the movie in a different way. With a simple story line he can make the movie and the same thing he did for Loafer. Now his next project is Rogue which have the higher expectations at the box office collections.