Puri Jagan Becomes Kutumba Rao


Puri Jagan Becomes Kutumba Rao

Puri Jagan Becomes Kutumba Rao after Charmme break up with him in the production house. It is a normal habit to call those who are dedicated to their families as Kutumba Rao. The family thing is something rather less heard of in the film industry because the mindset of the actors, actresses and directors works in a different frequency.

In Tollywood, speed director Puri Jagannadh is known for his obsession towards work and most of the time, he stays away from family and is always busy with his work. But now, it is heard that he has become a proper Kutumba Rao which is surprising many.

Puri Jagan Becomes Kutumba RaoSources reveal he has become a good family man and after the recent conclusion to the charming beauty Charmme’s episode, things are looking better. Buzz is that after Charmme left, Puri is sitting at home and spending maximum time with his wife and kids.

Puri Jagan wife Lavanya is very happy for this family trip after long time because Puri is not bothering about their happiness from a long time as he fell in the work. Many incidents made Puri mental condition weak so he want to the family to trip and spend time with them is the plan.

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Puri Jagan Becomes Kutumba Rao
Puri Jagan Becomes Kutumba Rao after Charmme breakup from his production house. He went to a family trip for a long time.