Puri-Charmy Breakup?

Puri-Charmy Breakup

Puri-Charmy Breakup 

Puri-Charmy Breakup is the latest news revolving around the film industry. Since an year, wherever speed director Puri Jagannadh was seen, he was spotted with the charming beauty Charmy. This also led to a strong vineabout their relationship at a personal level.

In fact, Charmy and Puri came together to produce the movie ‘Jyothi lakshmi’ and it is heard that Charmy has been using Puri’s office premises from a long time. But the latest update is that this relationship has come to an end.

Buzz is that Charmy has been quite dominating on the staff members and they were not comfortable with it. The matter reportedly went to Puri and it is now being heard that he literally asked Charmy to leave his office immediately and never return.

Puri-Charmy both had the good relationship among them from the time of Jyothi lakshmi movie.This has been went bit longer time and the office premises and all have been used by Charmy till now. There is also an gossip on both of them that they are in a relationship.

But now the time turns away and they both even stop talking to each other outside the office also. Puri’s serious warning insulted Charmy and this leads to a breakup between them.