Public Talk: Weak Sarrainodu Title For Allu Arjun

Sarrainodu Title For Allu Arjun

Time and again, it has been stressed that a powerful title is very important to create the right momentum for any film. This is much more important when the film has a star hero. Hence, many directors and creative teams work on it constantly to get heavyweight names.

This time, it appears that the stylish star Allu Arjun failed to create that impact with the title of his new movie. We are talking about the film ‘Sarrainodu’ and recently the first look poster was also unveiled. Though the poster got a decent response, the title has not.

Sarrainodu Title For Allu Arjun

Sarrainodu Title For Allu Arjun

Not much buzz is created with ‘Sarrainodu’ and the general opinion is that the title is weak. But the makers say this is also a good thing because the expectations will not be over the top. They are confident that the star power of Allu Arjun and mass appeal of director Boyapati will do the needful.

Allu Arjun had a great fan following, so there are more expectations on the movie. If the title itself not attracting the viewers then it is difficult for the movie success. The poster itself showing that movie is something different. Hope Boyapati have a great success with this film again.

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Sarrainodu Title For Allu Arjun
Many people are saying that Sarrainodu is not the perfect title for Allu Arjun upcoming movie. Let's see what happens!!!