Producer’s Death Shelved Documentary

Producer's Death of Sankarabaranam Movie

Producer’s Death of Sankarabaranam Movie

Producer’s Death of Sankarabaranam movie. There are many masterpieces which have come in Tollywood and to the generation of today, a documentary of sorts is being done to give a glimpse. It has happened with the cult blockbuster ‘Shiva’.

Now, the same was planned for the masterpiece classic ‘Sankarabaranam’ helmed by Kala Tapasvi K Viswanath. Just when everything looked set, tragedy struck in the form of producer Edida Nageswara Rao’s unexpected demise.

Sources say it was the idea of Nageswara Rao and he planned the whole thing. Though a major share of the cast have also passed away, this documentary was much awaited. However, it is not meant to happen anymore which is a huge loss to the viewers.

Sankarabaranam movie is the biggest block buster in those days. The great actor Somayajulu and Manju Bhargavi and Chandra Mohan played the main roles. Many people are the biggest fans of this movie from past to present days.

Edida Nageswara Rao Garu biggest hits are Sankarabaranam, Swathi Muthyam, Swayam Krushi and so on. He also worked as a Chairman for Nandi Awards Committee and also member of National film Award committee. There are tremendous records in Edida Nageswara Rao fil career.

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