Pranitha Accident Get her Free Publicity

Pranitha Accident

In order to be a talk of the tinsel town, an actor or actress needs to have the right amount of visibility quotient and that’s possible when publicity happens. But most of the times these publicities happen at a cost. So, free publicity is like a gift.

Currently, the lusty eyed beauty Pranitha is in spotlight because there are reports she is getting an offer which would give her a lot of free publicity. Recently, Pranitha met with an accident and fortunately, she escaped with minor injuries. Now, she is being approached by the police.

Pranitha Accident

Pranitha Accident

It is heard that the police officials of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are planning to come up with hoardings showing Pranitha’s face stressing on the importance of wearing a seat belt while a car is moving and how it saved her life. The same is also expected to happen in Tamil Nadu.

This is really a lucky situation for Pranitha to escape from this accident. Following the rules shows her respect towards the Government. By seeing her many can easily understand what the value of life is and from now at least few people will take care of themselves. Way to go Pranitha!

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Pranitha Accident
Recently Pranitha met an accident and by wearing a seat belt she escaped from the injury. This is giving a lesson to all the people who never follow rules.