Prabhas Rolls Royce Not For Regular Use

Prabhas Rolls Royce

Prabhas Rolls Royce

Prabhas Rolls Royce is not for regular use according to him. The culture of big film heroes buying swanky cars is common but even they have certain objectives for certain cars. Young rebel star Prabhas has recently purchased a Rolls Royce and all are waiting to see him in that.

However, sources close to the star reveal he would not be getting it out for regular use. Apparently, Prabhas will bring it only when required especially for special occasions and something very important to his life and career.

Prabhas Rolls RoyceFor now, it is megastar Chiranjeevi who has a Rolls Royce Phantom and after him, it is Prabhas who owns this luxurious car. Of course, the day he will come out in this beast, his fans will jump in joy and excitement.

Prabhas got a huge success rate with Bahubali and he is happy with the box office collections of Bahubali world wide. After Bahubali he is very happy for buying his dreams Rolls Royce with his own income. He thought to use that especially for some occassions. Fans have a gossip around that statement.

Everyone is thinking that he want to use Rolls Royce especially for his marriage and want to surprise his life partner by taking in that car. Let’s wait and see when Prabhas going to use Rolls Royce in public.

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Prabhas Rolls Royce
Recently Prabhas bought Rolls Royce which is more expensive and he want to use that for some special occasions.