Prabhas as Prataparudrudu in Gunasekhar Film?

Prabhas as Prataparudrudu

It has been a while since young rebel star Prabhas is seen onscreen and this has left the fans with some unfulfilled feeling. Though Prabhas compensated it with outstanding performance in ‘Bahubali’, seeing him more on screen will cool his fans.

Now, the talk is on about his next film after ‘Bahubali-The Conclusion’ and an interesting update has arrived. Ghardvine is rife that Prabhas would be seen as Prataparudrudu in the new film to be directed by the grandeur director Gunasekhar.

Prabhas as Prataparudrudu

Prabhas as Prataparudrudu

Sources say talks are on but many are wondering if Prabhas will repeat the act again. Their doubt is, after ‘Bahubali’ will he be in the frame of mind to do another period film. Also, Gunasekhar takes a long time to come up with period films. Now at present Prabhas is busy with Bahubali 2.

Later he signed up for other film. Also he want to do a film in his uncle Krishnam Raju production. Bahubali part 2 shooting is finished up in Kerala and now sources says that they moved to Hyderabad for next schedule. So hope Prabhas may not come in Pratapaarudrudu in Gunasekhar film up to one or two years. Let’s see what happens!

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Prabhas as Prataparudrudu
Sources says that Prabhas is going to act in Gunasekhar next film as Prataparudrudu. If this happens then again he will be busy for two more years in the periodic films.