Powerful Role By Popular Comedian Satyam Rajesh in Kshanam

Satyam Rajesh in Kshanam

The presence of talent is so high in Tollywood that each department of actors will always be in excess. This is even more in the department of comedians and as a result, there are those talented comedians who fail to get the due recognition despite entertaining at their best.

One such person is Satyam Rajesh. He made his debut way back with the film ‘Satyam’ and though he is highly talented, he didn’t get his due limelight. But now, he has come up with a powerful role that has become the talk of the audience and tinsel town.

Satyam Rajesh in Kshanam

Satyam Rajesh in Kshanam

Satyam Rajesh did the role of a cop named Chowdary in the recent release ‘Kshanam’. While the film has already struck gold at the box office, many are giving special appreciation to Rajesh. They are saying he has done extremely well and his humour was the highlight.

Small films becoming a success are nothing short of a miracle and whenever they click it is a sensation. This has been a great week for Telugu Film Industry and the reason for that is, Kshanam which is a small budget films made with shoestring budget have worked well at the box office and this movie also gave a great path for many of the artists in the film industry.

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Satyam Rajesh in Kshanam
One of the powerful comedian in Tollywood appeared in powerful police character in Kshanam movie. So this will be one of the biggest hit in his career in the film industry.