Political Swing Behind Dictator Movie Tickets


Dictator Movie Tickets

Dictator Movie Tickets are selling for lakhs of rupees. The clock is ticking for the much talked about and highly anticipated movie ‘Dictator’ to hit the screens on January 14th and already tickets are getting sold like coolcakes. But one incident has conveyed something unusual. Apparently, the US distributor put the first ticket for auction and it was sold for a whopping 3.60 lakh rupees.

While everyone is shocked there is a talk that because of TDP’s presence something like this is happening. Whether that is true or not, one thing is a fact. The kind of following Balayya has among the masses and NRI community is huge. That craze for him has not withered and his political image has only added to his persona.

Dictator Tickets No other movie had a movie promotion like this for selling the movie tickets. Here it is only get possible only because of TDP party is in the power now. This also becomes one type of movie promotion which creates a huge interest on the movie before the release. Everyone in the film industry got shocked for selling a single ticket for lakhs of rupees. This becomes the hottest topic in the film industry because of Balayya Dictator movie.

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Dictator Movie Tickets
Selling out the first ticket of Dictator movie creating a political war in the film industry.