PILs On RGV In AP High Court?

PILs On RGV In AP High Court

The eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is called as controversy’s favorite child because of his statements and tweets. In fact, many are surprised how he can get away after saying such bold and sensational things. The latest from him are the tweets regarding Kamma and Kapu communities.

This time, the situation seems to be different because reports say some high profile lawyers based in Andhra Pradesh are thinking to file PIL petitions on RGV and the whole issue. They also feel that his new film ‘Vangaveeti’ is also going to cause a lot of disturbance.

PILs On RGV In AP High Court

PILs On RGV In AP High Court

Facing legal issues is also nothing new for RGV but then this time, a group of lawyers is getting involved so it could get a little complicated. For now, RGV is going ahead with his plans and unless some concrete action takes place, we cannot be sure of the outcome.

Recently Kamma Kapu caste reservation to OBC demand is going on very hardly. On this issue Pawan Kalyan gave a speech. Sensational controversy creator RGV tweeted latest tweets on Pawan Kalyan and his Fans on his twitter account created a sensation. On this issue also RGV going to face a serious situation on AP high court.

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PILs On RGV In AP High Court
RGV movie Vangaveeti is creating a lot of caste issue, so many lawyers are trying to put PILs in AP high court on RGV.