Pawan Kalyan VS Vijayakanth in Politics ?

Pawan Kalyan VS Vijayakanth

The name of power star Pawan Kalyan is enough to create a mania among the cine buffs and after he got into politics, many are expecting the same kind of mania again. Pawan has set up the Jana Sena party and at the moment, it has been keeping a low profile.

Recently, one incident took place in Tamil Nadu and this has triggered the political analysts in Telugu states to see if Pawan can also do that. The noted Tamil star Vijayakanth has announced that his party DMDK is going to contest alone in the upcoming elections.

Pawan Kalyan VS Vijayakanth

Pawan Kalyan VS Vijayakanth

So far, his party had associated with other big parties. While all are stunned with his confidence, some are now asking whether Pawan will do the same thing with Jana Sena when the elections come. The general elections are in 2019 so there is still time. Let us see what Pawan plans.

Already in a recent interview Pawan mentioned that he will stop acting films soon. This statement also raising many doubts for some people. Pawan Kalyan reveal that if he enter into the politics in a full fledged way then he won’t come to act in the movies. Now the time for Pawan Kalyan VS Vijayakanth. Let’s see what happens!

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Pawan Kalyan VS Vijayakanth
Vijayakanth announced his party DMDK is coming alone in the upcoming elections. Many are now waiting what Pawan Kalyan is going to do for the upcoming elections in 2019.