Pawan Kalyan Uses Twitter After 6 Months

Twitter After 6 Months

Anything and everything that power star Pawan Kalyan does tends to create a lot of sensation and this gets doubled when he does something on the social media. This is exactly what happened now because Pawan Kalyan has used his Twitter profile after six long months.

His last tweet was on August 28th, 2015 addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requesting him to look into the special status issue for Andhra Pradesh. After that, Pawan gave a tweet yesterday and this time his address was towards TDP regarding the ongoing Kapu issue.

 Twitter After 6 Months

Twitter After 6 Months

The good thing is, Pawan wrote the tweets in both Telugu and English to ensure everyone understands it with clarity. His fans are rejoicing over this tweet and they are hoping Pawan picks up the momentum and shares more tweets which create a positive impact. Pawan tweet on twitter made his fans very happy after a long time.

His tweet is as follows: “I request TDP govt to engage in direct talks with Kapy Leaders spearheading the on going reservation issue, which has an election-promise originally made by the TDP. A group of balanced should be entrusted with te responsibility of finding a mutually acceptable solution before it juggernauts into an uncontainable situation.”

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Twitter After 6 Months
Pawan Kalyan uses twitter after 6 months. He tweeted the tweet on the issue of Kapu to the Government to take the action soon.