Pawan Kalyan Response on Sardaar Gabbar Singh Result

Pawan Kalyan Response on Sardaar

The expectations of power star Pawan Kalyan fans reached sky high with the release of Sardaar Gabbar Singh and now it is the time for reviews everywhere. So far, updates have mentioned that the film may not be as per expectations.

Naturally, now all focus is on Pawan Kalyan as to what will he reveal or comment about the results of this movie. Moreover, Pawan himself provided the story and screenplay for this big budget film.

Pawan Kalyan Response on Sardaar

Pawan Kalyan Response on Sardaar

So far there has been only silence from Pawan regarding this film. There is no mention of any tweet too regarding the result of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Fans of Pawan are waiting for his comments very eagerly but for now, silence is prevailing from Pawan.

After the movie release Pawan Kalyan never got onto the media to express his feelings on Sardaar movie result. But recently he had interview with one of the media channel. In the interview anchor gave a compliment that Pawan Kalyan Veena. At the same time Pawan responded that I didn’t done the step that much good in the movie. I didn’t have the dancing skills is the reply given by Pawan Kalyan in the social media. This is the simplicity Pawan gains in his life even though he have success or failure.

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Pawan Kalyan Response on Sardaar
Even the movie have the hit and flop talk at the same time, Pawan never responded about the movie after the release of Sardaar. He had a very simple nature to enjoy the success without any show off.