Pawan Kalyan Next Film Music Started

Pawan Kalyan Next Film

Unlike the usual procedure of superstars wherein they take at least an year to wrap up their film, the scenario is changing in Tollywood. Some initiatives are now being taken up by some of the big guns. One among them is power star Pawan Kalyan and here is another update.

It is known that Pawan Kalyan is progressing rapidly with the film Sardaar Gabbar Singh and it is gearing up for a release on April 8th. Usually, the big stars tend to take a break after the completion of a film but that is not happening with Pawan. He has already got onto his next.

Pawan Kalyan Next Film

Pawan Kalyan Next Film

According to reports, the music sittings have started for Pawan’s next film and it is heard that all this is happening in secret. For now, nobody wants to leak any details because it would take away the attention from Sardaar Gabbar Singh but this is indeed a good news for Pawan Kalyan fans.

This time Pawan Kalyan is busy with making movies one after other without any gap. After the release of Sardaar Gabbar Singh the details of his new film may be revealed. So that his fans will again get ready for another project.

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Pawan Kalyan Next Film
Pawan Kalyan is ready for Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie release and also he is getting ready for his next film. After the release of Sardaar the details of his next movie will be released.