Pawan Brings Gujarat To Hyderabad for Sardar



Sardar Gabbar Singh movie shoot brings Gujarat to Hyderabad.  The true power of a star is known when he wishes for something to happen and that gets done without a second thought. In Tollywood, power star Pawan Kalyan wields that kind of power and here is a small example for that.

It is known that Pawan has been busy shooting for his movie ‘Sardaar’ in north India especially Gujarat. It is heard that Pawan was not too happy with the locations chosen and hence he wanted the shoot to be done in Hyderabad.

SardarWithin no time, a massive set was erected at an expensive budget and this was brought up very close to Pawan’s residence in Hyderabad for his convenience. The shooting is now happening there and sources say the set resembles the backdrop of Gujarat.

The exact locations of Gujarat are placed in Hyderabad in the form of movie sets and this makes Pawan happy to shoot now. Even the entire unit has supported Pawan to work in Hyderabad immediately. Directors and Producers will have a clarity of having clear strategy about the heroes.

If the heroes are not comfort to work in some locations then there will be no output for the movie team after the scene has been done. So they just made the sets of Gujarat background in Hyderabad and started the shoot immediately.

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The details about the Sardar Gaabbar Singh movie shoot in Gujarat and Hyderabad