Pasivadi Pranam Fame Sujitha Interview


Pasivadi Pranam Fame Sujitha

Pasivadi Pranam Fame Sujitha Interview exclusively to the social media. Sujitha is an actress in the small screen and character artist on the silver screen. Sujitha more over acts in serial and very near to the people of Television.

In the interview Sujitha reminded about the old memories of Pasivadi Pranam movie. She acted as a boy in that movie with Chiranjeevi. Not only in Telugu she done the same boy character in 5 languages for same movie. First the movie has got started in Malayalam and released when she was 3 years. Later in Tamil and Telugu at the age of 4 years and in Hindi it was about 5 years she did that film.

Pasivadi Pranam Fame SujithaShe said that again she got an opportunity to work with Chiranjeevi in Jai Chiranjeeva movie as a sister. She and Chiranjeevi felt very happy to get a long back relation and then for their memories they have taken the photographs. Even with Bala Krishna also she used to take photographs without makeup.

She was happy now for playing lead roles in serials in small screen. When she went to shoot a serial to villages people in the village just showed a cute affection onto her as she was regularly coming in serials.


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