Oxygen Cylinder For Sampoornesh as Kobbari Matta

Sampoornesh as Kobbari Matta

Sampoornesh as Kobbari Matta

Sampoornesh as Kobbari Matta is an upcoming project in Tollywood. As an actor, you need to come up with variety from time to time and only then audience would love to see you. This is something Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu should also realize, say a few.

They also say that only one man is the oxygen cylinder for Sampoo’s career. He is none other than Sai Rajesh alias Steven Shankar. He can do something with Sampoo because he has already proved it. If he comes up with a film that has the flavor of ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ only it works.

Rest of the films with Sampoo didn’t catch others attention. Sai Rajesh’s next ‘Kobbari Matta’ has to be seen.Sampoornesh as Kobbari Matta will be really have the good commercial hit for Sampoo as it is based on Hrudaya Kaleyam movie story. Audience want Sampoo in the same type of character rather than the other movie role.

His dialog delivery will be having some comedy and the script writers should work specially for Sampoo. Sampoo movie will be having full comedy with some serious message to the viewers. So people like him to do such type of movies rather than complete action entertainment. After Hrudaya Kaleyam Sampoo didn’t have any movie success.

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