Oopiri Movie Overseas Rights: Divide And Sell Policy


When the business of cinema is being worked upon, due importance is also given to the overseas market and this has also become a major part of the overall revenue for a film. Usually, the film is sold wholesale for the overall territory as a whole.

This will enable the producers to get their money quickly and they can stay away from the rest of the formalities. However, that is not the strategy taken by the makers of the about to release film Oopiri. It is heard that they have gone for a ‘divide and sell’ policy.

Oopiri Movie Overseas Rights

Oopiri Movie Overseas Rights

There was a time when the business of cinema revolved around the domestic market but in the last few years, the overseas market has also become a major component. The demand for Telugu films across the NRIs has risen significantly and so has the revenue. So whenever a film gets a good demand from overseas, it is a good sign. Currently, it is heard that Oopiri film is being asked for by the NRIs.

By this we mean they are dividing the overseas market into separate territories such as USA, Australia, UK, Central Asia and wherever the film is being marked for release. Each territory has got a separate price tag as per sources so let us see how this strategy works.

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Oopiri Movie Overseas Rights
Oopiri movie is an upcoming film in Tollywood and Kollywood. Along with this there are many NRI's waiting for this movie to be released in their country also. So the overseas rights following divide and sell policy.