Only Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali?

Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali

Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali to have more film opportunities with him. You are well aware that Tollywood has got an abundance of comedians and they are constantly busy. But there comes a time when some of the most talented and highly regarded get sidelined for reasons unknown. One name is making rounds like that.

We are talking about the senior comedian Ali who is now getting relegated to anchoring film related events and TV programs. His presence on silver screen has reduced considerably and even if he comes, it is for a brief appearance. But one man has not left him.

Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali

Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali

He is none other than power star Pawan Kalyan. Whenever Pawan does a movie, he makes it a point to give Ali a full length role and Ali delivers it to perfection. Whether it is his sentiment or Pawan recognizes the true talent of Ali, this has been the trend from a while.

Along with that they both have a good relation between them. Ali consider Pawan Kalyan equal to God and that is the main reason that Ali never leave out Pawan Kalyan. Even all the sources are aagainst to Pawan Kalyan at a certain time, at those situations also Ali stood along with Pawan Kalyan. This may be the reason that even Pawan Kalyan also loves Ali equally and provides opportunities in his films.

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Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali
Pawan Kalyan Encouraging Ali in all his bad situations and providing the opportunities to act more in his films.