Oka Manasu title is replacing as Niharika?


For any film to create the right kind of attention, it is important to have the apt title and that creates a lot of buzz and hype. And if it is the film of a well known star then the attention is more. Here is one such discussion happening in Tollywood.

It is known news that the mega girl Konidela Niharika is currently preparing to arrive with her new film ‘ka Manasu and this is her debut venture. Now, many are saying that more than Oka Manasu, a better title would be ‘Niharika’ because this name holds weight.

Oka Manasu

Oka Manasu

They also add that ‘Oka Manasu’ is not striking the mind immediately and doesn’t have that excitement attached to it. The final decision will now be in the hands of director Ramaraju so let us see what he will do with the title. The film’s hero is Naga Shourya.

This movie shoot is almost finished and it’s just remaining two or three days shoot. The movie unit is getting ready for the post production work. If the work is finish up then soon the movie will be released into theaters. Upto now Niharika attracted many people with her anchoring and web series. Let’s see how she is going to act in her first film.

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Oka Manasu
Oka Manasu title is not so attractive and not able to define anything. So many people thinking that the title should be Niharika, so that this movie will have more weight in the film industry.