Oka Manasu Pre Look Vs First Look : What’s Difference?

Oka Manasu Pre Look

Since the film industry is a creative field there is always the situation where new things and new terms keep popping up. As part of that, a new term became the talk of the tinsel town and many were wondering what it meant. It is called as Pre Look.

Most of them perceived this to be similar to the first look but it is not so. This has been used for the first time for the film Oka Manasu starring the handsome stud Naga Shourya and the Mega Princess Konidela Niharika. The idea came from producer Madhura Sreedhar.

Oka Manasu Pre Look

Oka Manasu Pre Look

So, a pre look means faces will not be seen and only title will be seen whereas in the first look close-up shots will come and the faces of the lead characters will be seen. That way, the pre look has started a new trend in Tollywood and many will follow it soon.

Now the movie shoot is in progress. Almost the movie shoot is finished and there is only some pre production work. If this has got finish up then the posters and teasers will be released onto the social media. As it is a first movie for the Niharika, many Mega fans are hoping the best from her side.

Pre Look Vs First Look

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Oka Manasu Pre Look
As the number of movies are increasing in Tollywood, there are many updated words that are using by the film people to grab the attention of the viewers. The same thing happened for Niharika Oka Manasu movie.