NTR Oopiri decision Right Or Wrong?

NTR Oopiri decision

Young Tiger Junior NTR is known for being one of the most versatile and talented actors in the current generation. However it is a different matter that being a mass hero he is image conscious and wary of experimentation.

Media reports say that he was the first choice for the role of Tamil star Karthi in the film Oopiri. There are many who feel that NTR was right because as per content, it was not a dominant role and hence heroes of his stature cannot do it!

NTR Oopiri decision

NTR Oopiri decision

In a way Karthi’s presence helped for good business in Tamil but if NTR would have done the movie, it would have been a big plus for him. If NTR had done Oopiri, then many feel that even in Andhra Pradesh market the film would have clicked more.

Finally without NTR only the movie has got success more. But on this issue NTR never shared out his feelings infront of the media. He is now busy with the shoot of Janatha Garage and if he once appears infront of the media then surely many target him with this question. But many feel that appearance of Karthi is also the biggest plus point for the film.

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NTR Oopiri decision
For the first time while writing the script of Oopiri NTR is considered in the place of Karthi. But due to some reasons NTR didn't accept the movie offer. Later Karthi is replaced and got the biggest hit in Telugu and Tamil.