NRI Choreographer Shiva Turlapati To Start Production House

NRI Choreographer Shiva Turlapati

NRI Choreographer Shiva Turlapati

NRI Choreographer Shiva Turlapati dreams to start Production House. It takes a lot of guts and risk taking abilities to become a producer because making money out of movies is not that easy. However, there are many who have a passion for the craft and are willing to take that risk.

The latest in that list happens to be Shiva Turlapati. He happens to be a well known choreographer based in the US. Recently, he did the choreography for the movie ‘Sankarabharanam’. Shiva has got a big dance school in the US.

NRI Choreographer Shiva Turlapati He came from the US to do choreography for this movie and now reports reveal he is starting a production house on his own. This initiative from him is bound to generate more employment and revenue to Tollywood. Here’s wishing Shiva the best of success in his new endeavor!

Some people have a lot of passion to help in many ways. While coming into the case of film industry the most helpful way is by giving chances to grow. This is got possible by Shiva by starting his production house as own and giving opportunities for the other people to survive. This not only helps people to survive this takes a step forward for Tollywood.

Shiva Turlapati
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