Nonsense Talk On Charmme Crying in IIFA Utsavam


Whenever something untoward happens with a film celebrity in the midst of public, it tends to generate a volley of gossips and rumors. And if it involves a noted celebrity then such things go beyond control. Something like that happened during the IIFA Utsavam.

It is here that different styles come in and some heroines look stunning when they adopt them. Recently, the IIFA Utsavam was held in Hyderabad and the beauties came in their best attires and styles. One among them was the charming beauty Charmme.

Charmme Crying in IIFA Utsavam

Charmme Crying in IIFA Utsavam

A photo has been making rounds which shows the sizzling beauty Shriya consoling the charming beauty Charmme as the latter broke down and was crying inconsolably. Since the event was not live and showed in recording mode, nobody knew the truth and kept speculating.

Some said Charmme cried because she is not getting movie chances. Some said she was not allowed to dance. Few others said she was made to sit 5 rows behind and another talk was she didn’t get invitation but still she came. One more talk was she got invited but was ignored. Truth is, all this is trash. Actually, Devi Sri Prasad sang the song ‘Nannaku Prematho’ and Charmme got emotionally connected because the song was a tribute to DSP’s father who passed away recently and Charmme was very close to him.

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Charmme Crying in IIFA Utsavam
Devi Sri Prasad sung a song in IIFA Utsavam Awards which remembers his father, Charmme felt sad and tears rolled out her eyes.