No Buildup For Trivikram A…Aa Movie

A…Aa Movie

The entertainment industry is all about creating the right kind of buzz and making noise to attract attention. This is where the publicity machinery comes into the picture and even a small budget film does its best to ensure the visibility aspect is on the rise.

And if it is a film coming from the stable of a star director then the hype starts building up right from the initial stages. However, nothing of this happened in the case of one star director. He is none other than the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas.

A…Aa Movie

A…Aa Movie

We are talking about his new film A…Aa and on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the first look poster was unveiled. The film has the Telangana superstar Nithin along with the cute smile queen Samantha. Given the names involved, there was absolutely no buildup for Trivikram or his film which came as a big surprise.

Really Nithin is a class hero and Trivikram is a perfect dialog king in the film industry. Everyone is surprised with their combination. Even Samantha agreed to act along with Nithin and this is also a shock to the fans. Let’s see how this movie going to be in the theaters.

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A…Aa Movie
A…Aa is an upcoming movie in Tollywood starring Samantha and Nithin in the direction of Trivikram Srinivas. There are no build up's for this movie.