No Attack Movie Audio Function Despite Stars


Among the various initiatives taken to promote a film, an audio release event is done in the grandest manner possible. This is because the makers feel the audio catches maximum attention and generates good publicity and mileage. Every film with the minutest of budget also conducts audio function.

But here is one film which has got some of the best star cast but it is not having any audio release function. We are talking about the film Attack. Reports have arrived that there is no audio function though it has big names who form the principal cast.

Attack Movie Audio Function

Attack Movie Audio Function

The list comprises of names like the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj, prime star Jagapathi Babu, rocking star Manchu Manoj. This is also the re-launch vehicle of Vadde Naveen. Above all, this is the directorial of the eccentric genius RGV. So, no audio release and film will release on April 1st.

Sources says that Attack movie satellite rights are taken by the Gemini channel for a whopping Rs 1.1 crores. This only goes to show the faith the TV channel has on the movie’s box office potential. For many small movies, their main source of recovering their investment has been the satellite rights. But in the recent past, the TV channels changed their formula and are proposing revenue sharing model. Only very few deserving films are getting good prices and especially for RGV Attack Movie.

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Attack Movie Audio Function
It is common to have audio function even for small movies. But now for RGV Attack Movie there is no audio function. No stars are appearing to show interest for the audio function.