Nikki Galrani Beats Sanjjanaa Galrani with Krishnastami Movie

Nikki Galrani Beats Sanjjanaa Galrani

The concept of sibling rivalry exists at many places but it all boils down to how receives it. The comparison becomes more when the sibling rivalry is happening in the film industry. We have seen quite a few siblings wherein one has shined and the other has not.

The same is happening once again wherein one sister is beating the other. We are talking about the duo of Nikki Galrani and Sanjjanaa Galrani respectively. Nikki is the younger sister of Sanjjanaa and it is being observed that she is having a great start to her career.

Nikki Galrani Beats Sanjjanaa Galrani

Nikki Galrani Beats Sanjjanaa Galrani

Sanjjanaa tried to grab some good opportunities but she eventually got tagged as a glam doll and cool siren. But that is not the case with Nikki. She is being seen as a promising actress and with some right films she has the chance to make it big.

Recently Nikki Galrani acted up in Krishnastami and got the good response for her acting. Including Nikki Dimple Chopade also played a lead role in the movie. But more marks got for Nikki and stood first in the race. Also Sunil also expressed that she was good actress and hard worker. Best of luck Nikki!


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Nikki Galrani Beats Sanjjanaa Galrani
A competition has held between the Nikki Galrani and Sanjjana Galrani. They both are two lovable sisters in the real life. Nikki beat out Sanjjana in the film race.