New Point In Mohan Babu’s Speech

Mohan Babu's Speech

New Point In Mohan Babu’s Speech

Mohan Babu’s Speech always creates a sensation in the film industry. Collection king Mohan Babu is known not only for his dialogue delivery but also for his statements that sometimes cause sensation. But one thing is clear, Mohan Babu is one person who doesn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade.

He was sharing his thoughts during the audio release function of his new movie ‘Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu’ wherein he revealed a new point. Apparently, Mohan Babu was humiliated in Chennai during his starting days of career.

This is because he was from Chittoor and he failed to understand the language. He maintained that he stood firm in his thoughts and then reached to this level. Those who heard this are trying to infer whether Mohan Babu was indicating about the raw deal Chittoor people are getting.

Mohan Babu is not only an actor he is great human being too. He is providing education to the poor people with low cost of fees and for some people in the form of scholar ships. Providing education is really a great thing.

Mohan Babau is well disciplined who have a particular strategy to think of all issues and concerns. He is really a Legend in his successful journey.