New Age Producers Are Only NRIs


Though the passion for cinema is quite high among many, ultimately it boils down to one thing, money. So, those who have money and passion can only keep the industry going and in the last few years, the number of producers has declined and those who exist have reduced their works.

Given this position, what is the future going to be like? Well, the film intellectuals say the new age producers are only the NRIs. Only those countries like America, UK, Australia with passion towards cinema can enter the cinema industry and only they can be lured into the circuit.



Getting the local players to produce films is tough because they have seen their share of blows and become very rigid to come forward and invest. On the other hand, NRIs have the power to withstand one or two flops given their earning power. Of course, the situation is totally reverse if the films work and they can become millionaires overnight.

If the movie has a good success producers will be the NRI’s. But if the movie is flop then there range will automatically falls sown. There will be a risky factor in the producers life that no one knows outside. But if a movie had a huge success then they can have the safe investment for the next movie.

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Producers are the only NRI's in the film industry who will have the more profit if the movie had a block buster hit. So they will have the safe investment in further.