Never Ending Budget Story In Tollywood

Budget Story In Tollywood

Whenever a film is released and the business report comes out after few days, it is declared as a success and sometimes as a blockbuster too. Going by that, Tollywood should be way above Bollywood in terms of economic strength and standard.

But what is the reality? Take for instance the releases this year. Though many films have been termed as hits and big bumper blockbusters, the real figures reveal almost all of them brought only losses to the buyers and distributors. This is not new.

Budget Story In Tollywood

Budget Story In Tollywood

It has been on since long and the main cause for that is the budget. As long as budgets will increase the margins will decrease. And because it is hero ruled industry, the cost factor would be high. Having said that, even the distributors will not go back. They will still continue coming to buy more movies. A strange circle indeed.

As there is a huge fame for the heroes in Tollywood, producers are ready to pay the high amount in the movie unit. Also the movie budget will also be increased by making the shoots outside the country. This is the main reason for producers to get loss. After the movie release if the movies had success talk there will be no profit as they invested more than they gain.

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Budget Story In Tollywood
As the investment is more for a movie and after the movie hit also it's not satisfying the movie producers. It is because they are investing more than what they gain.