Nayaki Movie Will Be Roaring Hit?

Nayaki Movie

Trisha is all set to make a comeback after a hiatus to filmdom. She is the main characters in the upcoming bilingual horror comedy film Nayaki. The film is directed by Goverdhan Reddy with Trisha and Ganesh Venkatraman in lead roles.

The movie is produced by Giridhar Mamidipally, who worked as a manager of Trisha. The film which is titled as Nayagi in Tamil is getting a very good pre-release talk. This movie is based on genre of horror and comedy.

Nayaki Movie

Nayaki Movie

Sources say that those who have seen the first rushes are quite excited and are confident that the film will be a hit. Trisha is also very happy to play the main role in this women oriented horror comedy film!

Trisha has made her debut as a singer through this film and the interesting part is, she has sung a romantic song for this film. The music is being composed by the talented and versatile Raghu Kunche and this song is going to be a highlight in the film. Now a days it is fashion for the actors and actress to sing a song in the movies. Now in the same list Trisha also joined. This movie is a horror thriller and this is going to entertain the audience very soon. Let’s wait and see for Trisha special appearance with song!

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Nayaki Movie
Trisha coming up with horror film Nayaki in Tamil and Telugu film industry. Trisha making her presence in the film industry from long time. Also in this movie she gave her voice for singing a song.