Naresh Becomes Kamal Hassan Of Tollywood

Kamal Hassan Of Tollywood

Universal Star Kamal Hassan is a highly acclaimed actor not just in south but also in the entire nation. His versatile roles and his attempts to come up with something different each time he presents a movie is really commendable.

At the same time, Kamal Hassan is also famous for one more thing, lip locks with his heroines. Almost every film of his has a scene wherein he has a deep smooch with his leading ladies. Now, one actor in Telugu is getting the title of Tollywood Kamal Hassan.

Kamal Hassan Of Tollywood

Kamal Hassan Of Tollywood

He is none other than senior actor Naresh. During his heydays, he proved his mettle with his natural acts of humor. These days, Naresh is doing a lot of character roles. But along with that, he also did a lip lock scene in the movie ‘Chandamama Kathalu’. Since then, many are calling him in a friendly manner as  Kamal Hassan of Tollywood.

As a hero if they did Lip locks then there will be no issue of this. But having the lip lock in the second stage of the film industry creating a sensation. Only Kamal Hassan used to do this in Kollywood. So for Tollywood they tagged Naresh in the place of Kamal Hassan.

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Kamal Hassan Of Tollywood
Naresh is treated as Kamal Hassan Of Tollywood as he is having more lip locks in his second stage of movies. Only Kamal Hassan used to have lip locks in Kollywood.