Nara Rohit Special Lifestyle For Sweat Treatment

Nara Rohit

There are certain things which come along with our body and we just have to work on alternatives to prevent them. One common thing noticed in many is sweating and for no reason, the sweating happens a lot. Even the budding hero with baritone voice Nara Rohit has that issue.

Those who are close to him reveal he keeps sweating a lot and now he has decided to put a check on it. Rohit has got into exercise, proper diet plan and is getting rid of the sweating problem once and for all. The changes are already seen with his trimmed body in his new movie.

Nara Rohit

Nara Rohit

The film is titled as ‘Thuntari’ and it is heard that Rohit will be flashing his six pack abs also. The health experts say it is not body imbalance but just the body constitution so with the right lifestyle the treatment for excessive sweat is possible. Way to go Rohit!

The main roles in this movie played by Nara Rohit, Latha Hedge and Kabir Duhan Singh. This movie is Tamil film remake Maan Karate. Tuntari Movie is going to release on February 15th, 2016. This movie is directed by Gundello Godavari fame Kumar Nagendra T, Produced by Sri Keerthi films. Tuntari movie story is given by A R Murugadoss and Music compose by Sai Karthik.

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Nara Rohit
Nara Rohit went for sweat treatment for the movie Thuntari. He is a boxer in this movie and so there is lot of sweat irritating him.