Nara Rohit Savitri Overseas Business Power

Nara Rohit Savitri Overseas

It is not easy to gauge why some of our actors don’t perform well overseas. These days overseas business is playing a key role in ensuring good collections as well as good overall buzz for the success of the film.

There are some young actors who are yet to become superstars but they are already popular with overseas audience. The variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohit, who has been choosing variety when it comes to scripts, is also well received by audience.

Nara Rohit Savitri Overseas

Nara Rohit Savitri Overseas

In overseas, his latest film Savitri is already doing some good pre release business with record number of screenings scheduled for the film. It is being estimated that if he really makes an impact, then this would be his strong point for collections. Even though he have some chubby look people loves his acting and performance.

More over his scripting choosing will be awesome. From his first movie he had chosen different type of scripts which mostly liked by the viewers. Now Nara Rohit is coming up with Savitri movie in which Nanditha is playing the lead role. Sources says that the movie is completely going to define the early marriages and the problems occurred in Savitri life. This point is attracting more to the viewers. All the Best for Savitri movie Team!

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Nara Rohit Savitri Overseas
Savitri is an upcoming movie in Tollywood starring Nara Rohit and Nanditha in lead roles. There is a lot of expectation on this movie for viewers because the overseas rights are damn high for Savitri movie.