Nara Rohit Chubby Look Has No Time For That

Nara Rohit Chubby Look

The image of a hero is very fixed in film industry, naturally because of the standards one expects. But there are many actors who sometimes don’t pay much heed to how they look and their overall appearance.

The variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohit is one among the current crop of actors who has been doing back to back films with different subjects. But his overweight and bulky appearance is not adding much weight to success of the films.

Nara Rohit Chubby Look

Nara Rohit Chubby Look

There are some reports that he is at least listening to two stories every week and hence, he is not finding that time at all to work towards weight reduction. However at the same time, many hope he gets in shape to make his mark as a leading hero.

Nara Rohit now coming up with Savitri movie and going to entertain this week. This week there are totally 14 films are ready to release and in that one of the movies is Savitri. This movie has a positive talk and some expectations when compared to other movies. Also he is busy in shooting his upcoming film Raja Cheyyi Vesthe along with Tarakaratna in the lead role. Hope soon he will take care of his fitness to grab up more opportunities.

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Nara Rohit Chubby Look
Nara Rohit has no time to take care of his fitness. He is busy with doing movies with his chubby look itself. Hope after release of Savitri and Raja Cheyyi Vesthe he will take care of his body fitness.