Nara Rohit Appatlo Okkadundevadu has Dalapathi Shades

Appatlo Okkadundevadu

The variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohith is clearly going places with one after the other ambitious films in his kitty. He is at least doing three to four films every year. Now one more exciting project of this young actor is raising curiosity.

His upcoming film Appatlo Okkadundevadu is showing some shades of the classic Mani Ratnam film Dalapathi in it. This movie shows the shades of hero, which is based on the bond between Duryodhana and Karna, which is an interesting one.

Appatlo Okkadundevadu

Appatlo Okkadundevadu

Actually the film Dalapathi is also on same lines. Hence, now it will be nice to see how this movie has shaped up. The film which also has Sri Vishnu in the lead role is being directed by Sagar K Chandra in the backdrop of 1992-96!

Previously Nara Rohit appeared in several different type of scripts. His movies Shankara, Asura and Madarasi are under shoot and recently he signed up for other movie i.e; Appatlo Okkadundevadu. This will be a complete action entertainer. Nara Rohit never considered out the collections at the box office and coming up with two or three movies every year. Director Sagar K Chandra already appeared with the movie Ayyare with Sivaji and Rajendra Prasad in the lead roles. This movie will start their shoot from the first week of June.

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Appatlo Okkadundevadu
Appatlo Okkadundevadu is an upcoming film in Tollywood in which Nara Rohit is playing the lead role. Without considering the collections at the box office Nara Rohit is coming up with different type of scripts in film industry.