Nara Brahmani Memu Saitham is to Step Into Politics?


In politics, apart from good charm, what is needed to survive is the right instinct and appeal. Now the daughter of Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna and daughter-in-law of Chandrababu Naidu, Nara Brahmani is all set for her moment of fame.

The elegant celebrity Lakshmi Manchu organized Memu Saitham with good planning and a lot of hard work and sources say that Brahmani has also taken part in it. The telecast of this programme is yet to happen on small screen.

Nara Brahmani Memu Saitham

Nara Brahmani Memu Saitham

Many feel that Brahmani is also very much interested in public welfare. Hence it is said that she is also being groomed and that she can become powerful lady along with Lokesh, her husband who is slowly moving up the ladder.

This is the step up to serve the society and at the same time to enter into politics. Sources says that she have keen interest in politics and so she is mostly participating in the social service shows. Memu Saitham is planned and many of the film celebrities are appearing in the show to help the people who are in need. To this program Nara Brahmani also stepped in and many are shocked with her presence in the television show. Let’s see what happens!

Article Name
Nara Brahmani Memu Saitham
Memu Saitham is the program organized by Lakshmi Manchu to help out common people in the society. Nara Brahmani came forward to this show to help the families coming over there.