Nani Remuneration Doubled after KVPG success?

Nani Remuneration

Just like a lot of planning is required while choosing scripts, an equal amount of planning is required while fixing the remunerations also. It is this area where many heroes fail to concentrate and they end up fading out quicker than expected in their career.

A possible situation like that is now facing the natural star Nani. He is currently on a success wave with two of his films ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ and ‘Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha’ becoming big hits at the box office. But here comes the trouble point.

Nani Remuneration

Nani Remuneration

It is heard that Nani has suddenly hiked his remuneration. The seniors say increasing remunerations is not wise. They advice Nani should continue in same speed like an auto and only then he can reap more benefits on a long term future.

Sources says that if he stable with his remuneration he can able to get more movies. Mostly small movie unit prefer him to have a big success. So every one advising Nani to keep the same strategy for his remuneration and then he can get more number of movies. This is a right advice for many people but whenever there are opportunities then only they too can earn more is the Nani best policy.

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Nani Remuneration
Nani Remuneration is increased after KVPG success. Many are advising not to increase so that he can get more movie offers from small budget movies.