Naina Ganguly in RGV Vangaveeti as Vangaveeti Ratnakumari


Whenever a beautiful and talented girl hits the entertainment industry the word spreads fast and people will notice her immediately. But there is one filmmaker who has the special knack of digging out some beauties without anyone’s knowledge.

He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and in his tenure, he has given us some beauties like Urmila Matondkar, Radhika Apte, Antara Mali and others. Now, the latest find from him happens to be Naina Ganguly and she is the new buzz.

Naina Ganguly in RGV Vangaveeti

Naina Ganguly in RGV Vangaveeti

Naina is a Bengali actress and she would be seen in RGV’s new film ‘Vangaveeti’ wherein she would be essaying the role of Vangaveeti Ratnakumari. Those who saw Naina are floored by her natural beauty and spark. She holds a bright future if she delivers well in this. She scoolto fame with her stint in Cadbury ad.

Still now there is lot of buzz created on Vangaveeti movie by Ram Gopal Varma. Now the trend is Naina Ganguly in the role of Vangaveeti Ratnakumari. Previously when Vangaveeti Mohanaranga posters has been released and created a lot of attention in the social media. Now Vangaveeti Ratnakumari is grabbing the attention. Hope RGV will soon reveal the entire cast and crew of Vangaveeti movie.

Vangaveeti Ratnakumari

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Naina Ganguly in Vangaveeti
Naina Ganguly is going to play the lead role in Vangaveeti movie. She is acting in the role Vangaveeti Ratnakumari and this creating a lot of buzz in social media.