Naga Chaitanya Wears Expensive Watch In Tollywood?


Gone are the days when anything and everything heroes do would get accepted. These days, even audience has full awareness on latest trends of fashion and grooming. But there are always those heroes who are class apart and prefer to live in style.

Recently a discussion happened on who wears the most expensive watch in Tollywood and it is heard that Yuva Samrat Akkineni Naga Chaitanya is the chosen winner. Apparently, Naga Chaitanya has a strong passion for premium watches. Buzz is that he buys some of the best brands and he often wears a Hublot watch which costs around 28 lakhs.

Naga Chaitanya Wears Expensive Watch

Naga Chaitanya Wears Expensive Watch

Some are saying Chaitu seems to have inherited those qualities from his dad Nagarjuna who is a style and fashion icon himself. Also whenever Naga Chaitanya goes for a movie shoot to any country then immediately he starts to buy watches that are available in the market with latest styles and different brands.

Gathering watches is his hobby and he always love to collect the premium watches. This is the best part of the hobby that came from his father Akkineni Nagarjuna to him. In this way Naga Chaitanya got the special look when the survey conducted to know about the best watches.

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Naga Chaitanya Wears Expensive Watch
Among all the actors in the Tollywood it is found that Naga Chaitanya wears the most expensive watch.