Multiplex Theater Allotment shows Movie Rating

Multiplex Theater Allotment

There are many ways the fame and demand of a movie is judged but lately a new concept has emerged. These days Fridays are seeing multiple releases so acquiring theaters has become a major challenge. This is more tough for the small budget flicks.

So, the popularity of a film is getting determined based on the number of shows and screens it gets allotted among the multiplex chains. It is heard that the multiplexes work on seat occupancy ratio and it doesn’t matter when the film has released. So, replacing them is not going to be easy.

Multiplex Theater Allotment

Multiplex Theater Allotment

On the other hand, there are those films which are made with an urban flavor and they tend to attract the multiplex and A center audience in a big way. So, it is imperative they get maximum shows in multiplexes. Based on the number of theaters allotted, the film is being rated.

All the movies on a single date release also creating loss to the movie unit. Some times there is no theater allotment for some good movies. Then it’s probably leading a loss. The main reason to release all the movies at a time is, in summer there are some big movies ready to release. So before that all the movies are releasing now.

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Multiplex Theater Allotment
Now a days more number of movies are releasing on one date and this shows the rating of the movies based on the theater allotments.