Multi Heroine Film To Bring Craze To ‘Kshanam’


There are certain strategies that work in the business of cinema and one among them is to announce a crazy project when one film is set for release. This formula is used by big banners and now the prestigious PVP banner has done something very similar.

Potluri Prasad who owns the PVP banner has announced that a new film is going to be made which will have not one or two but a total of ten heroines in the lead. Notable among them will be the awesome beauty Anushka and the cute smile queen Samantha as well.



Those who heard this announcement are saying this has been done just to bring that right kind of hype among the buyers and exhibitors for PVP’s forthcoming release ‘Kshanam’. This is indeed a smart strategy and if the content of ‘Kshanam’ is good then a huge success is guaranteed.

Whenever some films are bound for release, there is a certain level of perception which forms on them. But there are those very rare set of films which actually start showing a promise even before they arrive. One such film is Kshanam which is preparing to get released soon. The posters have caught the attention of many.

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Kshnam movie is getting ready for release in Tollywood. So to grab the attention of the distributors and buyers the movie unit is showing up the heroines in lead roles.