Mr and Mrs Varun Sandesh- Newly Married Couple

Mr and Mrs Varun Sandesh

Marriage is one of the most memorable things that can happen to anyone and when it is the marriage of a film celebrity then the excitement spreads to others as well. And when both husband and wife are from film industry the attention and interest is more.

Recently an event was held in Hyderabad which saw the who’s who of Tollywood attending. But the major part of attention was stolen by one couple. They are the lean and lanky Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru. They got married recently.

Mr and Mrs Varun Sandesh

Mr and Mrs Varun Sandesh

The duo met during the shooting of the film Paddanandi Premalo Mari and they fell in love. They got married after that and the couple is quite happy with each other. The industry members and others were quite delighted to see Mr and Mrs Varun and added they made a lovely pair.

It is common for the Tollywood celebrities to marry their co-artists who act along with them for movies. In recent the cute and lovely pair is Varun and Vithika Sheru. They both recently got married. Later there pictures didn’t came out but now in the white dress event they both appeared in white and got visible to the social media.

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Mr and Mrs Varun Sandesh
The newly married couple are Vithika Sheru and Varun Sandesh in Tollywood. After their wedding they didn't grab the attention of social media but now they appeared in the white dress event.