Movie Remakes Are The Safest Bets


Making a film might be easy but in order to get it released properly and then recover the money at the box office is the most arduous task. This is where many producers and directors are falling flat. Hence, they are now opting for a smarter method. That is none other than movie remakes.

They seem to have concluded that remake of hit movies from other languages is the safest bet. This is because they are already proven scripts, there is no tension about its strength, they create a certain range of hype because of the success value.

Movie Remakes

Movie Remakes

On the other hand, preparing original scripts are highly time consuming and nobody can predict how the audience will receive it and what is the fate going to be at the box office. For now, Tollywood is seeing nearly half a dozen big budget remakes on the anvil so you can see its effect.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi choose Kaththi movie remake as his 150th film. Even Ram Charan coming up with Thani Oruvan, Saala Khadoos by Venkatesh and many other are getting prepared with their remakes. Not in Tollywood even in other film industry also feeling the remake are best and also considering our Tollywood movie scripts for remake.

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Movie Remakes
Taking the hit movies script and remake the movie is the best policy that considering now in the film industry as they are proven scripts, there will be no tense.