Mohan Babu 1st Visit To Goa

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Mohan Babu 1st Visit To Goa with the entire family. As an actor, one of the common things happening is a lot of travel. This is due to the number of outdoor locations and other things. And if you spend many decades in the industry, you are bound to travel different parts of the country and globe.

But here is one senior star who didn’t visit one of the sought after destination, Goa. He is none other than collection king Mohan Babu. Though he is part of industry since long buzz is that he has never been to this exotic place and now it has happened.

Mohan Babu 1st Visit To Goa

Mohan Babu 1st Visit To Goa

The credit for that must be given to the elegant celebrity Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, who is also the daughter of Mohan Babu. Reports say Manchu Lakshmi has now taken Mohan Babu and the entire family to a trip to Goa. If you are in Goa, don’t be surprised to see the Manchu family.

This is the special of Manchu Family because wherever they go they spend time with entire family rather than single pair. They love to spend their entire time with their family whenever they are free. This time Lakshmi Manchu took the whole family to Goa to spend free time. The special in this trip is Mohan Babu visiting Goa for the first time.

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Mohan Babu 1st Visit To Goa
Lakshmi Manchu take over her entire family to Goa and this is first time for Mohan Babu to visit Goa.