MEK Umakanth In Nagarjuna’s ‘Nirmala Convent’

MEK Umakanth In Nagarjuna's 'Nirmala Convent'

MEK Umakanth In Nagarjuna’s ‘Nirmala Convent’

MEK Umakanth In Nagarjuna’s ‘Nirmala Convent’ giving shock to all the fans of Nagarjuna. Some of you may not know his name as of now but then Umakanth scoolto fame when he was seen during the first edition of the famous show ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu’. During that, he also happened to impact the host Akkineni Nagarjuna in his own way.

The impact is such that now Nag has reportedly roped in Umakanth for a film. It is known that Nag is producing the movie ‘Nirmala Convent’ which marks the debut of Roshan, the son of family star Srikanth. Umakanth will make his debut through this project.

MEK Umakanth In Nagarjuna's 'Nirmala Convent'Buzz is that Umakanth will be playing himself in the movie and details are to be known as to how long his screen time would be. But a participant of a television show getting into films in this unusual manner is something unheard of and unexpected.

Nagarjuna through MEK show making their dreams to come true in the short time. Eventhough the entire show is based on Knowledge and luck there is a lot of entertainment through the show. Umakanth is one of the participant in the MEK show in the season 1. This gave him the chance to enter out into the Nagarjuna movie Nirmala Convent.

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MEK Umakanth In Nagarjuna's 'Nirmala Convent'
Nagarjuna producing the movie Nirmala Convent and offering chance to MEK Umakanth to act in the movie.