Matiuredd Answer To Amateur Questions

Matured Answer To Amateur Questions

Matiuredd Answer To Amateur Questions

Matiuredd Answer To Amateur Questions: You would have noticed many instances when celebrities snap at certain questions in public events and media interactions. So, it takes a lot of sensibility to respond and react towards certain situations and incidents.

Recently, the audio release of the movie ‘Loafer’ saw the audience shouting the name of power star Pawan Kalyan. It was mentioned that director Puri Jagannadh was not happy with the commotion. However, hero Varun Tej handled it in a different way. Varun Tej is the son of actor and producer Nagendra Babu. He is nephew to actors Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. Varun Tej made his debut as a hero with the film Mukunda directed by Srikanth Addala.

Questions were thrown to him asking about his reaction on the negative comments on Facebook. From his end, Varun reportedly made it clear that as fans they have the right to comment and say what they want. He also added that they would still watch other hero movies because cinema is the love of all.

Loafer Telugu Movie Cast & Crew :

Starring :  Varun Tej, Disha Patani
Director/Story : Puri Jagannadh
Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
Producer : C Kalyan
Production Co : CK Entertainments Pvt Ltd

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