Making Cost : Promotion Cost = 1:10

Making Cost

The way the dynamics of the entertainment industry has changed in the last few decades is not just interesting but also challenging. These days, the cost factor is creating the major havoc among many filmmakers, producers and the box office strength.

In Bollywood, the making cost versus promotion cost stands at 1:10 ratio which means if the film is made at 1 crore budget, the promotion cost requires 10 crores. For Bollywood it works because the audience base is huge and the market scope is also strong to recover the investment.

Promotion Cost

Making Cost

But now, even Tollywood is also facing the same problem. For the small movies, the situation is even tougher. If one has to promote a film, the expenditure is costing a bomb and this is where many producers are falling flat. Some urgent measures are needed in this regard.

But as the more number of releasing at a time this problem has got raised. If there is no movie promotion then no one know about the movie release. So always there should be more movie promotions. Even one is competing with the other for theaters, movie promotions only. For this purpose only now a days movie unit are using more money for movie making and movie promotion in the ratio of 1:10.

Promotion Cost

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Making Cost : Promotion Cost
Now a days making cost and promotion cost is in heavy competition. Movie unit are spending more money for promotion cost rather than making cost because of the high competition.